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Providing training, expert analysis, interpretation, and presentation of cell phone records in today's complex legal world.

At Hawks Consulting we strive to help you make sense of carrier records, device extractions, GPS data, social media returns, and other data streams. Whether that is teaching you how to interpret that data on your own through our training programs or providing expert witness analysis and testimony.

We provide expert witness analysis and testimony for defense attorneys, prosecutors, and civil attorneys. Our belief is simple; phone records and other electronic data is not “prosecution evidence” or “defense evidence” but simply evidence. To that end, we have provided expert analysis and/or testimony to everyone from the Public Defender’s Office to the United States Attorney’s Office.

It became apparent to us there was a real need for training to show investigators how to interpret call detail records, social media returns, device extractions, Google records, and more. It is only with a thorough understanding of these data points that you can use them to further your cases. Another area we are passionate about is providing guidance to attorneys on the what these records mean, what their limitations are, best practices for presenting them to a jury, and more.

We are excited and privileged to be a Preferred Training Partner with LeadsOnline, the owners of the CellHawk platform and look forward to road ahead. Hawks Consulting is proud to offer the only CellHawk Certified User (Basic and Advanced) courses where, upon successful completion of an examination, users will be certified both by LeadsOnline and Hawks Consulting as Certified CellHawk users. The first question you will be asked on the stand is if you are certified to use the product you are testifying to. Now, for the first time, you will be able to simply answer, Yes.”


Our Subject Matter Experts have qualified as expert witnesses in courts across the country for both the prosecution and the defense. Their experience includes: years of investigating violent crimes, federal Task Force assets, District Attorney Investigators, and dozens of expert witness engagements. Some highlights include:

  • Call detail record analysis
  • Device forensics
  • Sensitive and Internal electronic investigations
  • Complex multi jurisdictional investigations
  • Wiretaps
  • Cell Site Simulators
  • Tower dump analysis
  • Social Media Investigations
  • Circumstantially proving who had a device at a particular time
  • Identifying incorrect analysis of phone records


There are nearly 300 million cellular devices connected to the networks in the United States which means the odds of cellular records playing a role in your case incredibly high. Cellular phone data can be leveraged against other data sources such as Social Media returns, device downloads, vehicle infotainment systems, GPS ankle monitors, vehicle GPS trackers, Google returns, traffic cameras, and license plate readers to paint a true picture of the evidence in your case. The records retained by the various cell service provider vary from company to company as does the retention time so the sooner we get involved, the greater the likelihood you will obtain all of the available records from the companies.

In addition to cellular phone records, Hawks Consulting LLC. also uses Cellebrite to extract and analyze data from cell phones. Did you know that Cellebrite is constantly improving and parsing more and more data? This means that the device extraction that was conducted months or even years ago may contain additional data that could make the difference in your case. Unlike DNA where one the swab is consumed it is gone, a Cellebrite extraction can be reprocessed an infinite number of times without changing the or degrading the evidence.


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