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We use Cellebrite, the industry standard for lawfully accessing and collecting digital data, to examine devices. This platform extracts the contents of devices across the Android and iOS spectrum and parses the data in a legally defensible way. Used by federal, state and local law enforcement both in the field and the laboratory the information recovered is second to none.

The data recovered by Cellebrite varies by phone and operating system but, extracted data typically includes text message content, internet searches, browser history, associated email address, associated social media accounts, emails, passwords, iMessages, photos, videos, social media content, and more.

We can extract your devices based on consent, court order, or search warrant. All examiners are certified by Cellebrite and have qualified as experts in device forensics. Our pricing for device extractions is a flat fee then an hourly rate should you require additional analysis of the data.

Did you know that Cellebrite is constantly improving to support more and more data from devices as well as an incredible parsing tool for social media returns form the providers. When a phone is extracted, a bit-by-bit copy of the contents is created then parsed using Physical Analyzer. Cellebrite updates Physical Analyzer on nearly a monthly basis which means the data obtained from the original extraction can be reprocessed without touching the device or getting a new warrant. If your case involves an extraction that is more than a few months old, you must have it reprocessed prior to trial!

Warrant and subpoena returns from iCloud, Instagram, Facebook, Google, SnapChat, Discord, TextNow, SkyECC, and WhatsApp are effortlessly parsed by Physical Analyzer and converted to a more user friendly interface. That 20,000 page Instagram pdf with an endless stream of communication, Cellebrite will parse the conversations, use AI to categorize the photos, and create a timeline. We offer a service where these returns are converted and returned to you in Cellebrite Reader, HTML, and pdf formats to streamline your case preparation for a nominal per account fee.

Once this data is parsed, it can be easily integrated to other data streams in your case to take your analysis to the next level.


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