2-Day Wiretap and Electronic Surveillance - Law Enforcement Only

Learn how to initiate a wiretap and electronic surveillance investigation including: the types of wire intercepts available, legal requirements, using call detail records and social media returns to prove your target has the phone, case management strategies, affidavit considerations, and how to document your evidence. A successful wire investigation will be used to provide a roadmap to success.

All classes are held live online from 9am to 5pm Central time. Students will receive the materials approximately 7 days before the class.

Required equipment:

  • Laptop with Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Access to web browser
  • We strongly recommend the attendee have two monitors so they can watch the Zoom and use CellHawk

If there is a class that is full and you would like to be put on the waitlist, please click the button below to email us.