5-Day Cell Site Simulator Operations - Law Enforcement Only

Hawks Consulting and Syndetix, Inc. are offering a one of a kind law enforcement learning experience. Learn how to successfully plan and execute a cell site simulator operations from preparation to finishing strong. In this immersive class you will work a case from identifying the target number, obtaining records, outside the box data, and in the field training. You will use pattern of life analysis of historical cell site location data, pen register trap and trace, pings, social media pen registers, and more to maximize your success in locating the target phone before the truck leaves the garage. Next, with operational considerations in mission planning, staffing, and mission preparation in mind you will conduct a successful operation in today’s complex legal and law enforcement environment. Finally, you will execute the plan and locate a device in the field. Once located with a cell site simulator, you will use a finishing tool to find the target handset.

This class is designed for federal, state, and local law enforcement units interested in acquiring a cell site simulator, team members of existing units looking for continuing education, and people looking to improve their resume to join a team. We will have a cell site simulator on site and all students will have hands-on-experience locating a device with the finishing tool.

This class will be held at a secure law enforcement facility so proper identification is required.  Students need to have a wi-fi capable laptop computer with access to the call detail record analysis tool your agency uses.  If your agency does not have an analysis tool please email ahead of time.  

All class sites are close to airports, hotels, and dining options.  Class size is limited as this will be a fully interactive class.

There are currently no classes scheduled.